BMW offers another special M3 in China with new Carbon Edition

As much if (not more) than any other automaker, BMW has been carefully cultivating the Chinese market. And the M3 is a big part of that. The Bavarian automaker has already launched two special editions exclusive to China in the M3 Matte Edition and M3 Tiger Edition, and is now offering a third.

Called the M3 Carbon Edition, the car is defined by – anybody? Bueller? – that's right, carbon fiber. The techy material covers the roof, the front splitter, the rear wing, the hood vents and much of the interior, which is decked out in high-contrast white and black. As is the exterior, with black stripes running over white paint, up the front fenders and across the upper flank to the tail, along with Carbon Edition decals on the lower edge of the doors and blacked-out 19-inch alloys.

Only 111 individually-numbered examples will be offered starting in July, exclusively in China, at a price of 1.23 million yuan – equivalent to a whopping $189k at present rates. Nobody ever said exclusivity came cheap.

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