BMW M3 Tiger Edition – Click above to watch video after the jump

BMW has gotten back into the short-film business to promote the new Tiger Edition M3. The German automaker has a long history of turning out incredibly intricate promotions for its products, and we're still absolutely hooked on The Hire series starring Clive Owen and a bevy of other big-name actors. The company knows how to flip all the right cinematic switches, and it has applied that knowledge to the first advertisement for the feline-themed M3.

As we find out in the film, the Tiger Edition isn't made in honor of any old Bengal or Siberian tiger – oh no. BMW crafted its Great Pumpkin 3 Series after the meanest of all the big kitties; the Saber Tooth. Aside from having to endure a little cheesy computer-generated skeleton action, the ad is worth a minute or two of your day. Or... not. Hit the jump to take a look for yourself.

[Source: YouTube]

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