STI version of Subaru coupe unlikely to go turbocharged? Not so fast...

Spy Shots: Subaru Coupe
Spy Shots: Subaru Coupe
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Automotive News has dug up a few details on the Subaru sports coupe co-developed with Toyota. The production version of the two-door is set for an official unveil at the Tokyo Motor Show this December, and when it bows, AN expects it to show up without the company's trademark all-wheel drive system or a turbocharger. That sound? It's the lonesome wail of a sad trombone.

The good news is that Subaru is reportedly planning on a longer-than-average lifecycle for the coupe, with multiple packages popping up down the line to keep the car fresh. Those include an STI model, and while those three letters typically signify forced induction, Automotive News suggests that's not the case for this vehicle. According to their sources at Subaru, the Subiyota was always intended to be all naturally aspirated, all the time. Curiously, Autoblog's own well-placed sources assure us that isn't the case, suggesting that turbo power is still very much in the car's future.

Even with a 2.0-liter, naturally-aspirated four-cylinder behind the headlights, the Subaru coupe should be a blast to fling. The company's engineers have positioned the engine five inches lower in the chassis compared to the Impreza, which should translate into a better center of gravity and improved handling dynamics. Here's hoping that all-wheel drive shows up before long.

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