VW creates edible print ad for Golf R

Ever heard someone say their car eats up the road? Volkswagen is taking that phrase to a whole new level in a new print ad for the 2012 Golf R. Placed between the pages of South Africa's Auto Trader magazine, the road on the page is edible... as in, you can literally eat this road.

We're not sure how many calories this will add to your daily intake (perhaps you could figure it out... VW says the page is made from glutinous rice flour, water, salt, propylene glycol FD&C color and glycerine). Also, we'd wager that this page needs some Ranch dipping sauce or Red Hot (or both) to make it remotely tasty.

Regardless, it's a smart bit of advertising, and we expect that auto repair shops across South Africa are filled with Auto Trader mags bearing teeth marks.

Volkswagen Golf Information

Volkswagen Golf

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