UK survey finds that drivers lie about why they're late to work

Here's a bit of news from the blatantly obvious department: According to a new study conducted in the UK, around 66 percent of those questioned have lied about why they're late for work or social events. Of those, 45 percent blame traffic delays. Another 42 percent point a finger at their vehicle as the reason behind their lack of timeliness.

That's no surprise to anyone who's ever had to manage a flock of wayward workers. Traffic is an easy scapegoat thanks to the fact that jams can turn up just as fast as they can dissipate, and since no boss has ever asked for a note from your mechanic, car trouble is a good second bet.

Of course, with more workers reliant on their personal vehicle as a means to get to work, we wouldn't be surprised if those numbers were much higher here in the States. That is, if American workers would even consider doing something as shameful as lying to their employers...

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