Why you shouldn't steal a GT500 and drive through deer country

Ford Shelby GT500 meets a deer – Click above to watch (NSFW) video after the jump

The internet is an amazing place. There's so much information available for free and people from across the globe can communicate instantly. A flip-side to the amazing power of the internet can be revealed by digging through any forum. While most forums are filled with people who enjoy discussing a shared passion, they also become home to folks who enjoy spouting off ridiculous falsehoods and creating a vision of reality that doesn't quite exist. That practice can invoke internet justice, and one member of found out this out the hard way.

A video was posted to YouTube, which showed a man driving a Ford Shelby GT500 down a dark road. Amidst the howl of the car's supercharger, the occupants talk about what it would be like to hit a deer on this road... and then they hit a deer. The rest of the clip involves yelling, not safe for work language and the driver fleeing the scene after running an oncoming car off the road.

The sleuths at identified the driver as board member "Grant218" (later changed to "Grant Theft Auto"). Grant explained that he borrowed his dad's GT500, and the damage isn't as bad as it seems. After reading through many (many) pages in the thread, we find out that Grand stole the car from a man he knows, put over 300 miles on the Shelby(!) and then tried to return it and hide the damage.

Moral: You can't hide the truth from the internet. Click past the jump to watch the clip, then join us over at as we continue to dig through the hilarity that is this thread. We're going to warn you though, the language is NSFW, and the thread will suck up the rest of your life the day.

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