Volvo C30 Electric to participate in wireless charging project

Volvo has announced that its C30 Electric will participate in an inductive charging project called Continuous Electric Drive (CED) that is being set up by Belgian technological and automotive development specialists Flanders' Drive. Volvo will deliver a single C30 Electric to Flanders' Drive on May 19th, the official start of the project, to be modified for wireless charging.

Charging a 24 kWh battery pack as is used in the Volvo C30 Electric is expected to take approximately an hour and twenty minutes if you start with a completely discharged battery. Johan Konnberg, project manager of Volvo's special vehicles division, says that the aim of the CED project is to make it as "convenient as possible to own and use an electric car."

In inductive charging, a plate, which consists of a coil that generates a magnetic field, is buried in the ground. When a vehicle is parked above the plate, energy is transferred without physical contact to the vehicle's inductive pick-up. The energy that is transferred is alternating current (AC), which is then switched to direct current (DC) by the vehicle's built-in voltage converter, which in turn charges the battery pack.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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