Chrysler developing TR Ram Life Style Truck to compete with Honda Ridgeline

2006 Dodge Rampage Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Does the world need a competitor to the Honda Ridgeline? While sales figures of Honda's half-truck would lead us to believe consumers aren't clamoring for such a vehicle ( Honda only sold 16,142 Ridgelines in all of 2010, barely more than the 13,047 Dakotas that Dodge moved), recent reports indicate that Chrysler seems to think otherwise.

We've known for some time that Dodge was considering a small urban-style pickup – ever since it showed off the Rampage Concept (shown above) at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show and then mentioned it again in Chrysler's rambling five-year plan announced in 2009 – but talk of the so-called Lifestyle Pickup had cooled off... until now.

According to, Chrysler suppliers were recently briefed on the automaker's future product plans, and a replacement for the unloved Dakota is on the docket. It's thought that Chrysler may build the vehicle in Windsor, Ontario atop its minivan platform, which lends credence to the Ridgeline comparison.

We have to wonder if the crossover platform employed by the latest (and very well-received) Durango might be a better bet, but we'll surely reserve judgement until something more concrete than these rumors begin to surface. We're also curious as to whether the small pickup would wear a Dodge or Ram badge. Stay tuned for more...

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