New Yorkers get spooky LED skeleton reminder to obey speed limits

Drivers in New York City can expect to be met with a new reminder of the local 30-mile-per-hour speed limit this summer. According to The New York Times, the Big Apple's transportation department will unveil a speed board that will flash a custom skeleton animation toward drivers who are over the limit. You've likely seen the technology employed before with slightly less morbid effects.
Municipalities routinely use mobile, radar-based speed boards to make drivers aware of just how fast they're traveling in low-speed zones. Typically, the onboard LED screen simply flashes an offending vehicle's speed in big red numerals. NYC is taking it one step further.

The transportation department already employs skeletons in its "That's why its 30" advertising campaign, which underscores just how much more lethal a vehicle traveling 40 mph can be over its slower counterpart. The new speed boards are intentionally attention-grabbing, though since traffic slugs along at an average of 9.3 mph in most parts of the city, we don't think anyone will have a hard time obeying the law.

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