Buick Regal Coupe in the works?

Word from Auto Express is that General Motors has given Vauxhall the go-ahead on a new coupe project based on the Epsilon II platform. That may mean that a similar model is headed to the land of the free under the Tri-Shield badge. After all, wherever Vauxhall goes these days, Buick is sure to follow. In the old country, the upcoming coupe is rumored to pack a 2.8-liter turbo V6 under its pretty little bonnet, though there's no telling what a Buick version would rely on for power. Auto Express reports that Vauxhall plans to offer varying levels of boost depending on trim.

All topped out, the two-door would offer a little over 320 horses at all four wheels, and engineers are said to be working on improving the vehicle's handling dynamics by shortening the chassis. Design wise, the newcomer will borrow heavily from the GTC concept, though we would expect to see the corporate waterfall grille on any American iteration. Across the pond, the coupe will reportedly carry the Calibra moniker. Here in the States, we'd be satisfied with a big GNX badge on the rear deck should this sucker come to life.

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