Mid-engine Corvette C7 reports surface yet again

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Rumors of a mid-engine C7 Corvette simply refuse to die, despite a long string of denials that such a project is in the works from a number of General Motors executives. The latest such story comes all the way from the UK, as Autocar reports that statements from GM North America president Mark Reuss hint that the next 'Vette may abandon its front engine for 2013.

As we've heard before, General Motors is also thought to be downsizing the engines used in the Corvette – possibly even switching from a V8 to a V6 – though tricks like turbocharging and direct injection would likely keep horsepower at supercar levels.

As far as styling goes, we have no idea what shape the 2013 Corvette may take. Autocar indicates the classic split-window design from the 1963 Corvette may make a comeback, and the interior, the design of which is being led by global design chief Ed Welburn himself, will be fully modern and "absolutely world class."

In any case, we're expecting big things for the Corvette C7, and we're sure the 'Vette's German and Italian rivals are just as eager to find out the details as we are.

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