Valentino Balboni picks his favorite Lamborghini Countach

Valentino Balboni and the four Lamborghini Countaches – Click above for high-res image

We've seen a lot of creative comparison tests over the years. Most of them involve new cars compared against other new cars. But for its latest retrospective, Inside Line has gone a decidedly different route, comparing the various renditions of the Lamborghini Countach against each other. And they brought along Lamborghini's veteran test driver Valentino Balboni for an inside line of his own.

Now if you think the Murcielago lasted a long time, well... it did. Eight years, in fact. The Diablo before it lasted eleven. But the Countach was around for an astonishing sixteen years – an incredibly long lifetime for any car. And over the course of the three decades it remained in production, the Countach spawned numerous derivatives, from the original production LP400 through the wide-body S and the Quattrovalvole through to the straked 25th Anniversary edition.

As the Countach ages from the chintzy and cartoonish to the iconic and historic, choosing which one stood out as the finest example was undoubtedly a difficult task, but someone had to do it. Follow the link to see what they found. It's worth the read.

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