Keyport multitool looks to replace your keychain

The Keyport eliminates your keychain – Click above to watch video after the jump

It's no fun to be "that guy." You know, the one wearing a janitor-sized keyring with 20 keys clinking together with each step, making you sound like Santa's sleigh as you jingle all the way to your car door. Keyport has the fix for this.

The Keyport multi-tool allows you to store up to six keys in a single unit, each sitting on a separate slider that can be pushed out as needed. If you have fewer keys than available slots, you can attach a USB slider, LED flashlight and even a bottle opener.

With stainless-steel construction and a variety of color offerings, the Keyport, starting at $49, isn't cheap. And each key you you need in the device adds an additional $4.99 to the bottom line. Keyport will have them cut and placed onto the slider blades for you. If your car requires a chipped key, be advised: that blade will cost you $20. Should you be driving a vehicle that uses keys equipped with proximity sensors, you're currently out of luck: the Keyport system isn't designed to handle those setups.

Still, the Keyport screams "easy sub-$100 Father's day gift" to us. Head over to for more information on this keyring-canceling multi-tool. Curious to see one in action? Click past the jump to see a video demo.

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