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Increasing the range of your car keys with just your head | Car Hacks

In this episode of Car Hacks, Amr discovers whether or not he can really increase the range of our Audi A4's key fob using his head ... literally.

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Technology Can't Save Us From Locking Keys In Cars

Millions of Americans are locked out each year

Nothing spoils a good day like getting locked out of your car. It's an annoyance that costs 3.3 million Americans time and money every year.

Hyundai working to replace car keys with smartphones

Hyundai is working on technology that may allow you to access your vehicle with nothing more than a swipe of your smartphone. The automaker's i30 Connectivity Concept boasts an embedded NFC tag that allows the user to open the doors with a quick swipe. Drop the phone in the center console, and the driver can pair with the on-board touch sc

Push-button starts to alter the interior landscape?

The question "Where are my car keys?" hasn't left the building just yet, but is being shown to the door. Why? The arrival of push-button starters and smart cards in an increasing number of automobiles. Now that Nissan and Toyota have added button-starters to their high end Altima and Camry models, well, you know what that means: soon everyone's going to have them.

Pocket-sized status symbols

It used to be that you had to go out and buy a nice flashy keyring to tell the world about your premium ride. After all, relatively plain, black keys don't do much to inspire others to be jealous, or the girls to be more friendly. If you wanted to flaunt your ride socially, you had to stick the key on a branded ring.

Replacement anti-theft keys more expense than they're worth?

Some people don't really pay enough attention to their car keys to know the difference between a normal one and an anti-theft key, but those of you who have ever lost one will know exactly what the difference is. Replacement costs for anti-theft keys are in the hundreds of dollars, and in the event that a vehicle's keys contain a smart chip that must be recognized by the vehicle's computer, programming costs are in the thousands. Not to mention the in