Music video recreates Bullitt chase scene for unknown reason

Sharam "Fun" remakes the Bullitt Chase – Click above to watch video after the jump

Now here's a quandary; What do inane pop beats and the Steve McQueen classic Bullitt have in common? If you answered less than the Cub Scouts and the Hells Angels, congratulations, we owe you a beer. Why do we ask? Our friends at The J managed to stumble across the music video for Sharam's "Fun." The twisted little piece of cinema has managed to shove all the patience-grating repetition that a disposable pop song can muster into a meticulous recreation of the Dodge Charger vs. Ford Mustang battle from Bullitt.

It's the emotional equivalent of a brake stand. Our eyes are begging to see more while our ears are doing their best to cut themselves from the sides of our skull. We don't suggest trying to wrap your mind around exactly what's going on here. Instead, mute the volume and enjoy one of the more accurate recreations of the Bullitt chase in music video history after the jump.

If you can't stand to sit there in the quiet, there's always the magic of YouTube doubler. It goes without saying that you'll need to mute "Fun."

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