Fernandes to rebrand AirAsia GP2 team as Caterham, F1 team to follow?

Caterham Seven Team Lotus Special Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery

With the ink still drying on the contract between Team Lotus and Caterham Cars, rumors are already afoot as to what Tony Fernandes, the proud new owner of both, will do to bridge the divide.

Fernandes is still in the middle of a naming rights battle with Group Lotus. The courts were due to issue their ruling, but Fernandes went ahead with the Caterham deal while the authorities deliberate. The speculation is that Fernandes would rename Team Lotus as Caterham, but only if the court rules that his claim to the Lotus name is invalid.

For the moment, Fernandes plans on renaming his GP2 team – which currently bears the name of his flight operator AirAsia – as Caterham GP2, assuming the series organizers will allow it so close to the season start. Stay tuned for the next installment of How the Formula 1 World Turns...

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