Nebraska still working on low-speed NEV bill

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Even though highway-capable electric vehicles are here, there is still a place for NEVs. That place is, apparently, Nebraska.

In late April, lawmakers there advanced a measure that would allow low-speed neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) onto streets with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less. The legislation, presented by Senator Heath Mello, was drawn up to accommodate the thriving low-cost NEV segment. Mello claims that:
As fuel prices continue to rise and Nebraska families and businesses look to save money, [NEVs] represent an alternative mode of transportation that has many potential uses.
Nebraska's measure would apply to four-wheeled electric vehicles that weigh in below 3,000 pounds and can maintain speeds between 20 and 25 mph. The legislation says that NEV drivers will be required to carry liability insurance, hold a valid operator's license and register the vehicle with the state. Nebraska's lawmakers have set aside $29,250 for its Department of Motor Vehicles to upgrade its vehicle title system to include NEVs.

Mello says that since NEVs are allowed on public roads in 35 other states, Nebraska's measure should pass with flying colors. In initial voting, the measure indeed passed 35-0. For the bill to become law, it will have to be passed two more times in the legislature before being handed to Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman for approval.

[Source: Action 3 News]

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