Buick to take its products to the people in search of more sales

Buick sales are leading the pack in General Motors' push to gain customers from other brands, pulling in an impressive 40 percent of its sales from other manufacturers' customer bases. To keep the trend going, Buick brass say they need to continue to convince people that Buick doesn't just make retiree barges anymore.

Despite its lineup of the LaCrosse, Lucerne, Enclave and redesigned Regal, all non-barges in their own right, Buick is still hoping to dig more sales out of skeptical Americans. To help make that goal a reality, Buick is sending its dealers to the streets to show off its new wares and convince people that this ain't your daddy's LeSabre. The company is also working with, buying full-screen advertisements on the Kindle in hopes of reaching the younger crowd.

According to the brand's marketing chief Tony DiSalle, the measures are starting to work, with Buick seeing more sales in the Northeast and Southeast. Traditionally, the company has moved the most units in the Midwest. The next geographic hurdle, Buick says, is to break in to markets in areas like Texas and, of course, Southern California.

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