Ben "The Stig" Collins names the five worst cars he's ever driven

The five worst cars Ben Collins has ever driven – Click above for high-res image gallery

Over the course of his years donning the white suit and helmet for Top Gear, pro driver Ben Collins has had the chance to drive an enviably wide array of cars. Their track times all went up on the power lap board, but there are better ways of evaluating how a car handles under pressure – like asking the guy who drove them. That's what Australian car site Drive did, and got the former Stig to jot down some notes. They weren't in Morse Code, but while his list of the worst five cars he'd ever driven includes some obvious choices, a couple may surprise.

First up on Ben's hit list: the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. When we drove it, we found its dynamics were lightyears behind its looks, and His (deposed) Stiginess apparently agrees. At the end of Collins' list is another supercar – the TVR Sagaris – which he feels was horribly emblematic of the company that produced it, while pointing to the fact that Jeremy Clarkson loved it as evidence enough of its dubious distinction.

In between these two European supercars on Collins' list comes the Fiat Multipla, whose horrid styling was surpassed only by its dismal performance, and the Cadillac Escalade, which the Englishman found to be all show and no go – particularly off road. Finally, the previous-generation Dodge Charger drew the Stig's ire for its gross weight and lamentable slushbox. If for America's sake alone, we can only hope that, heavier still though it is, Collins might take a crack at the new model.

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