Hennessey supercharges Hemi-powered Ram

2009 Hennessey HPE 500 Dodge Ram 1500 – Click above to view videos after the jump

The lunatics in John Hennessey's Texas hoon asylum have run amok yet again, this time bolting a supercharger to a Hemi-packing four-door Ram 1500. The result is a 500-hp mulch hauler that will get you and your whole weekend DIY crew to Lowe's and back faster than a leaky water heater can flood your basement.

The power boost comes courtesy of the Hennessey HPE 500 upgrade package, which relies on a TVS2300 blower to open the 5.7-liter Hemi's lungs just a little wider. The standard kit also includes a revised intake, new fuel injectors, a cat-back exhaust and revised engine management. The resulting 505 horses can be hitched to any 2009-and-up Ram 1500 Hemi.

Options include a full long-tube header exhaust, high-flow cats, a premium wheel and tire package, and your choice of a lowered or raised suspension. Whether you go for the wheel/tire upgrade is up to you, but with all that power under your right foot, it seems like a fine idea. Click past the jump to see the Hennessey HPE 500 Ram 1500 in action on the street and on the dyno.

[Source: Hennessey via YouTube | Image: Hennessey]

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