DiRT 3 available for pre-order, includes Traxxas Ken Block R/C Fiesta [w/video]

DiRT 3 and Traxxas team up to wreck our wallet – Click above to watch video after the jump

The third installment in the DiRT video game franchise, DiRT 3, hits stores on May 24, 2011. It will cost you $59.99 for a copy, which is steep, but completely in-line with the pricing for today's video games. If you have a few extra coins hiding under the couch cushions, however, then GameStop has a tantalizing product bundle for you. Spend $299 to reserve a copy of DiRT 3, and you will also get the Traxxas Ken Block R/C Ford Fiesta.

If you were already considering buying the radio-controlled gymkhana machine, then this is a great deal, because it essentially throws the game in for free. If, like us, you were thinking of buying the Codemasters game, and you currently have R/C cars on the brain, this deal means you have to explain to your wife why the American Express bill shows a GameStop purchase for nearly five times the previously discussed amount.

Click past the jump to see why sleeping on the couch will be worth it come May 24. Thanks to all for the tips!

[Source: GameStop via MotorworldHype, YouTube]
Traxxas Ken Block R/C Ford Fiesta

DiRT 3 Trailer

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