RCX 2011: SEMA for the RC set [w/video]

RCX 2011 at the Pomona Fairplex – Click above to watch videos after the jump

We're looking for a new hobby, and we think we've narrowed it down. The world of remote control vehicles has grabbed our attention and we're eager to learn more. So we grabbed the camera, ventured out to the 2011 Remote Control Convention at the Pomona Fairplex and figured we'd totally understand the hobby by lunchtime.

We were mistaken.

In fact, we were wholly unprepared to take in the maelstrom of activity and information presented at RCX 2011. It's like SEMA for R/C world and over 17,000 folks descended on the convention grounds over the course of two days. Bikes, cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, trains and motorcycles were all on display.

Traxxas radio controlled stadium truckThe RCX 2011 experience isn't just about looking at vehicles in their packaging, however, because numerous tracks were set up to let us take the miniature wheel. Professionals raced their nitro buggies and truggies on a course set up with large jumps while remote control rock crawlers tackled scaled-down rugged terrain. Nearby, super sideways driving was taking place on both indoor and outdoor courses.

Even though the action was scaled down, there were plenty of examples of serious speed. Scaled-down top-fuel dragsters lined up side-by-side as those wielding the controllers eyed the light tree. Gas-powered race cars and motorcycles attacked a twisting course while the buzz of airplanes, helicopters and scale powerboats droned on in the background. When we wanted a break from the speed, we stared at the hypnotic scale train that ambled around a wonderfully detailed town.

The event is an orgy of remote control action, and it only served to bolster our interest in the hobby. We entered the RCX 2011 doors thinking we'd narrow down our choices, but the convention has only served to confuse. Do we want electric or gas, car or truck? You could walk away from RCX with a great toy for a few Jacksons, or you could've spent a bucketful of Benjamins on a high-powered nitro screamer.

We now know that we've got a lot more to learn about remote control vehicles. The Remote Control Convention isn't a one-time event either. It's traveling around the country and you can check out the schedule at the RCX website.

Click past the jump to watch some quick clips of various vehicles in action.

[Lead Image: Hope McCall, Air Age Media]

Images copyright ©2011 Jeff Glucker/AOL
RCX 2011: Remote Control Motorcycles

RCX 2011: Remote Control Rock Crawlers

RCX 2011: Remote Control Nitro Buggies

RCX 2011: Remote Control Drift Cars

RCX 2011: Remote Control Drag Racing

Images copyright ©2011 Jeff Glucker/AOL

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