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Traxxas channels its inner 1/16-scale Ken Block – Click above to watch the video after the break

Master of the Gymkhanna (with a minor in marketing) Ken Block has teamed up with Traxxas to create a radio-controlled version of Block's #43 Ford Fiesta. The 1/16-scale Fiesta is fitted with a brushless motor that turns all four wheels and sends the mini-Block car down your driveway at up to 30 miles per hour. If that's not enough juice to play out your dreams of winning a Gymkhana event, you can opt for another setup that features a new pinion gear, second NiMH battery and series connector. The additional hardware raises the top speed to over 50 mph.

The car is currently selling for around $300. No word on whether that price includes replaceable fenders and other body panels... a necessity after the Ken Block RC car inevitably hits a tree. Check out a mini Gymkhanna-style video of the micro car in action after the break... and, answering the last possible remaining question, proof that it will indeed blend.

[Source: Traxxas via Jalopnik]

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