Meet General Motors' new crash test dummies

Crash test dummies enjoying their employee lounge – Click above to watch video after the jump

Once there was this kid, who, got into an accident and couldn't come to school... he said it was from when the cars had smashed so hard (Mmm mmm mmm mmm). Thankfully, that "kid" is actually a full-scale anthropomorphic test device, better known as a crash test dummy. General Motors, along with all major automobile manufacturers, use them extensively to gain precious insight into the physics of a crash, and the toll it takes on the human body. Like when it turns people's hair from black to bright white.

Data is constantly being collected from these unsung heroes of the automotive industry. As Moore's Law continues to hold true, the data collecting devices become smaller and more powerful. This allows engineers to stuff the ATDs with more gear, thus collecting even more information. Click past the jump to get an inside look at General Motors' Anthropomorphic Test Device Laboratory.

[Source: YouTube]

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