In most U.S. markets, arrival of plug-in vehicles still months (years?) away

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The number of plug-in vehicles rolling out of dealer showrooms and down U.S. streets every month will soon number in the thousands. Yet, for the vast majority of residents of this country, fulfilling the dream of owning a Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric or most any other plug-in is still months – perhaps even years – away. Take, for example, Tampa Bay, FL. In early April, the Tampa Tribune reported on the plug-in autos available in Florida's third largest city. Here's a breakdown of the newspaper's report.

Nissan Leaf: Florida dealers likely won't have any Leafs for nearly a year, as Nissan is currently only delivering the electric hatchbacks to the early rollout states of California, Oregon, Arizona, Washington State, Tennessee, Texas and Hawaii.

Chevrolet Volt: General Motors says that Florida dealers might receive Volts this fall, but realistically, bulk deliveries to Florida will likely begin in early 2012.

Ford Focus Electric: – The electrified Focus is headed to 19 markets in late 2011 and Orlando, FL is on the list. Tampa is not.

Tesla Motors: The electric automaker operates a store in Miami, FL that currently sells the $100,000-plus Roadster. Miami is nearly 300 miles south of Tampa.

Fisker Automotive: Tampa-based Elder Automotive Group is currently taking deposits for the $95,900-plus Fisker Karma. Deliveries should commence in June.

Suncoast Electric Vehicles in St. Petersburg, FL is selling the low-speed Wheego Whip and the first highway-capable $32,995 Wheego LiFe was delivered on Earth Day.

So, unless Tampa residents have deep pockets and can afford to buy a Roadster, they'll most likely have to wait to own a plug-in car. Is Tampa's situation significantly different from your city or town? Let us hear about it by dropping a note in the comment below.

[Source: Plugin Cars]

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