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That dude has at least a three-star wanted level now.

Like something out of Grand Theft Auto, a fight erupted earlier this week outside of a Tampa, FL bar and ended with one of the participants crashing his car into his opponent.

A Florida biker and his passenger got a nasty surprise when a road rage incident turned ugly.

Sometimes one man's great idea is everyone else's idea of a huge breach of the law. Using a phone while driving is completely legal in Florida, but it still bothered Jason R. Humphreys. He responded by allegedly operating a cellphone jammer from his Toyota Highlander for about two years until Federal Communications Commission officers and sheriffs finally caught him.

Florida host three out of five cities with the worst drivers

What city has the worst drivers? You're more than likely thinking of your own hometown, but you don't have the stats to back up your claim.

She's tired of driving a 'mom car,' and both want a fun ride

Two things you should know about Denise Cardwell's search for a new car. She knows exactly what she wants. A MINI Countryman. Also, she's not buying a MINI Countryman.

Police caution motorists to not engage angry drivers

Police have always warned law-abiding motorists that they should not engage with drivers who have a case of road rage. It's always smarter to take a license plate number, and if needed, call 911. In case you need an example as to why that's the best course of action, check out a cautionary tale that comes from Florida this week.

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