Dartz presents Iron Diamond... for ladies only

Dartz Prombrom Iron Diamond – Click above for high-res image gallery

Dartz calls the Prombron Iron Diamond – a three-door, armored behemoth – an SUV for ladies, by ladies. If that is the case, these are the kinds of ladies we have got to meet, preferably from the safety of our own armored Prombron.

The Iron Diamond, with ten possible interior treatments including "skat," is meant to keep women from showing up to the party in the same black SUV as every other woman. It is shorter than the standard Prombron and has eight cameras all 'round to assist with parking. It also sheds a door on the driver's side to lessen the chance that a kidnapper can gain entry and abscond with said partygoing woman's handbag. No one said it had to make sense...
Don't even think about trying to purchase the one pictured above, as it has been claimed by a Kazakh heiress. Just make sure you read the spectacularly unedited press release after the jump, which, in its way, will say more about the Dartz Iron Diamond than we ever could.

[Source: Dartz]
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World First SUV - Safety Uberluxury Vehicle created for ladies by ladies.

All we see the modern trends - more and more ladies like to drive big cars, and if so - of course they want to drive unique and exclusive. It's very hard to meet two ladies in same dresses on party - but quite easy to meet ten ladies come on this party on similar black SUV's.

DARTZ solve this problem.

And - as always this decision is bulletproof.

And not only because DARTZ cars stop the bullet - but because this idea is as always unbeatable.

The first car is ordered by one of famous kazakh oil kings daughters - and here is here what she got.

The base of new car from DIAMOND line is shorter than any other models - as all ladies are professionals in parking :-)

Same reasons is why TELEFUNKEN created for DARTZ world first 8 cameras system - now they can park not only "on sound" but also us monitors.

This car is 3-doors only - as mainly ladies drive in big SUV's with their handbags - which some hijackers like to stole. It;s impossible with DARTZ - there are no left passenger door :-).

And the main and most important - this car have 10 dresses. Snake, crocodile, whale, skat, xameleon and elefant skins or standart carbon's and matt's can be installed on this car in maximum 7 days.

And YES, there are first ladies who choosed world first LADIES.ONLY SUV - why waste money on standart car and after that to spoil(er) it - if easier to buy car from BOUTIQUE CAR makers with more than hundred years history?

Ladies who visited Top marques Monaco choosed car from boutique. Of course with dress for next year parties!

Stay tuned - new trends are coming from DARTZ as Vodka and Girls fuel our brains!!!

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