Ninja Alert! Beware of car salesmen trained in the art of phone calls

It may sound obvious to say you should be wary of car salesmen on the phone, just as you should be wary of car salesmen in general. To hammer the point home, though, here are some audio files of Jerry Thibeau training salespeople at car dealerships, in this case a BMW dealership, to schmooze and potentially ensnare customers before they even walk on the lot.

With the Internet stealing large portions of business from car dealerships, there's a real need for dealers to invest in this kind of telephone training. Thibeau answered the call when he started New York-based Phone-Up Ninjas back in late 2009.

Guys like Thibeau charge $2,000 a day plus expenses to visit car dealerships for these training sessions. They can also do the work remotely, dubbing constructive criticism into mystery shopper phone calls to point out where a salesperson's pitch could use some help.

The car salesman on the other end of the line has a job to do: make you buy a car (or how about this nice SUV that's just a little more per month?). Just remember that, next time, you may be talking to a ninja.

Our advice? Hang up. Read the full report at AOL Autos to learn more about how this industry operates.

[Source: AOL Autos | Image: Getty]

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