Leaked? 2012 BMW 6 Series M-Sport package rears its sporty head

When BMW unveils a new sports coupe, it's an exciting development. If not in its own right, then because you know it's going to lead to a new M model. And so the new 6 Series will lead to a new M6, but not just yet.

That's where the M-Sport package comes in. Though the trim pack for the new 6 Series has yet to be released, this solitary (grainy) image has apparently leaked out via an ad in a Dutch newspaper.

As with other models, this new M-Sport pack serves a dual purpose. Ostensibly it gives buyers of the standard model a little extra in the cosmetic department for a sportier look. But it may also give us a little heads-up on how the full-on M6 will look whenever it's finally released. So take a good long look at the bigger wheels and the new front bumper with integrated LED running lights, and bide your time until the new M6 comes along.

[Source: 6post.com via TopSpeed]

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