eBay Find of the Day: SixTen Sabre is part Morgan, part Mustang, and all head-scratcher

2011 SixTen Sabre – Click above to see high-res image gallery

The SixTen Sabre is just one of a seemingly endless supply of oddball kit cars available online. The Sabre, however, is unique among its bizarre brethren, with styling heavily derived from the Morgan Aero 8, with splashes of the Chrysler Atlantic concept and MG TC thrown in for good measure. With underpinnings from the SN95 Ford Mustang, the Sabre is a rolling identity crisis.

The result of this amalgamation of classic lines atop modern Ford architecture can only be described as odd. From the Morgan-style headlights and grille to the deeply strange custom taillights, this thing never seems to figure out exactly what it wants to be.

The good news is, all its mechanicals are from the Mustang, so its structure is infinitely upgradable, easily repaired and should be stone-cold reliable. SixTen claims the Sabre is available with anywhere from 215 to 550 horsepower. Keeping all that grunt moving in the desired direction is a fully-adjustable coilover suspension featuring unequal-length control arms.

The Sabre is designed to be assembled by the buyer, and includes all the epoxy and most of the fasteners you'll need to get the job done. To make the kit as DIY-friendly as possible, SixTen says the build doesn't require any cutting or welding, and comes with extensive documentation.

While SixTen's website doesn't have pricing info, the eBay Motors listing has a $10,900 Buy-It-Now option, not including the donor Mustang. To see more images of the SixTen Sabre and follow its build, check out SixTen's website.

2011 SixTen Sabre
2011 SixTen Sabre
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[Source: SixTen via eBay Motors]

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