Report: Ford laying off 200 temporary workers at F-150 plant

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The United Auto Workers will soon be sitting down with Detroit automakers in an effort to reach a new contract agreement. Some in the know feel Ford will be the targeted OEM in the negotiations due to the automaker's recent successes, and a recent criticism levied by UAW leadership is that The Blue Oval employs more temporary workers than General Motors or Chrysler.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Ford took a step to rectify that issue on April 7, when it laid off 120 "temporary" workers at its Dearborn truck plant. The automaker will reportedly relieve another 80 workers of their duty in the coming weeks, bringing the total pink-slip count to 200. Ford has some 2,000 temp workers in plants across the country, compared to 1,000 at GM and next to none at Chrysler.

Ford spokeswoman Marcey Evans tells the Freep that the workers were only brought on to launch the 2011 F-150, and that they knew that the position was temporary. Gary Walkowicz of UAW Local 600 points out that he's sad to see the temps go, adding that some have been receiving half pay and zero benefits since 2002.

While it's never nice to hear of layoffs, the cuts make some sense to Ford due to the fact that the automaker has displaced full-time workers all over the country in need of new positions. We're thinking Ford will try to find work for as many of those workers as possible leading up to contract talks.

2011 Ford F-150
2011 Ford F-150
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