Chrysler gearing up for 2017 launch of CNG models

Chrysler intends to launch compressed natural gas- (CNG-) fueled vehicles by 2017, according to Bob Lee, the automaker's vice president for engine and electrified propulsion system. At the 2011 SAE World Congress, Lee told journalists that CNG "technology is very actively being worked on" and added that "it's a good way for some diversity in the market in terms of fuel use."

Sergio Marchionne, chief executive officer of both Chrysler and Fiat, has previously stated:
In the United States, there is a substantial domestic supply of CNG. CNG technology is readily available without extensive development time or expenditure of resources. Fiat already has a portfolio of CNG engines, both naturally aspirated and turbocharged. Chrysler Powertrain is actively investigating applications for CNG and is exploring solutions that would drive people to the technology.
Fiat S.p.A., which currently holds a 30 percent stake in Chrysler and reportedly plans to increase that to 51 percent before the Pentastar goes public, has several vehicles that run on CNG. Chrysler execs are reportedly exploring the possibility of swiping Fiat's technology for use in its own models.

[Source: Wired, Automotive News – sub. req.]

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