2011 Mopar Charger ready to rumble [w/burnout video]

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In 2010, Chrysler released the 2010 Mopar Challenger with a 500-unit production run. Chrysler tells us the gussied-up pony car was so popular with the die-hard Mopar faithful that the entire production run was sold out in three days.

Team Pentastar is looking to make similar headlines for 2011 with the official introduction of the 2011 Mopar Charger. The sedan comes only in Pitch Black with a Mopar Blue stripe that stretches across the top of the entire body, and a rear spoiler is standard fare on this limited production model.

Inside, this special edition Charger features Mopar-branded Katzkin leather seats with contrasting Mopar Blue stitching that also appears on the steering wheel. The Mopar Charger also features the next-generation Pistol Grip combined with Auto Stick, which enables the driver to select a higher or lower gear while a transmission controller ensures that you're not over-revving. Further differentiation comes courtesy of special instrument bezels and an identifying plaque on the instrument panel. The Mopar name again appears on the floor mats and door sills.

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We were hoping the Mopar Charger would feature Chrysler's new 6.4-liter Hemi engine, but instead the automaker decided to stick with the 5.7. The mill features 370 horsepower and 395 pound-feet of torque, which is nothing to sneeze at, and acceleration, handling and braking are enhanced with Mopar's Super Track Pak. Also standard is a 30mm stabilizer bar up front and a 20mm stabilizer out back, which will provide added stability when this big rear-drive sedan gets pushed to the limit.

Out back, the Mopar team added a 3.91:1 final drive ratio to improve acceleration, and the fruit of that labor is a 0-60 time "in the low five second range." We're guessing that's a conservative estimate, and our instrument-testing colleagues at the magazines will boast times in the high fours when the final numbers are tallied.

The Mopar Charger also features blacked-out 20-inch wheels that originate from the Green Envy Challenger. Those wheels are wrapped with Goodyear F1 Supercar 245/45/ZR20 tires all around. The folks at Mopar gave that pricey rubber a workout courtesy of a burnout, which you can watch by clicking on the Autoblog Short Cut above.

Chrysler tells us that the special edition Mopar Charger will be available over the summer with a starting price of $39,750 (destination included). Initial volume projections are for 500 units, though we've been told that the automaker would like to push for 1,000 units if possible. Chrysler is holding off on a 1,000 unit production quota due to issues with securing enough radios due to production issues being experienced at a Japanese supplier. We asked if they can simply go to Best Buy to procure different audio, but we were told that a lot of the controls for the Mopar Charger run through the audio hardware.

Click on the Autoblog Short Cut video below for a two-minute walk-around of the 2011 Mopar Charger with Mopar Sales Director Jim Sassorossi.

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Photos copyright 2011 Chris Shunk/AOL

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