Quebec to offer plug-in vehicle rebates of up to C$8,000

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Starting in January of 2012, Québec, Canada will offer rebates of up to C$8,000 ($8,358 U.S. at the current exchange rate) for the purchase of plug-in vehicles. Last week, Quebec's prime minister, Jean Charest, unveiled an incentive plan that calls for rebates to be offered on a sliding scale. This means that electric vehicles with high-capacity battery packs will be eligible for the full C$8,000, while low-range electrics and plug-in hybrids will qualify for reduced incentives. Get the details in this PDF.

The provincial government aims to have 300,000 plug-in vehicles on roads across Quebec by 2020. If that aggressive target is met, then the province expects to realize a reduction in CO2 emissions of nearly 900,000 tons. The rebate program kicks off on January 2012 and will continue until the $50 million ($52.3m U.S.) set aside for the program runs out.

Here's a factoid for you: ninety-three percent of Quebec's electricity comes from hydropower. That makes the use of electric vehicles within the province about as clean as it gets. Right?

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[Source: Government of Quebec (PDF), Treehugger]

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