Video: How not to load your Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Carrera GT loading fail - click above to watch video after the jump

The Carrera GT is among the most rare and exotic models Porsche has ever created. Production ceased way back in 2006, but if you want to pick up one of these five-year-old supercars, it will still cost you about $400,000 for the privilege. Having said that, if we owned a Carrera GT, we'd definitely handle it with white gloves on, and we would only trailer it in the most professional manner humanly possible.

Apparently not everyone is as careful with their rare exotic. The brief post-jump video features a beautiful silver Carrera GT that is being loaded onto a flatbed with a pair of unfastened planks that appear to be wood. We're with you if your immediate thought is, 'Why the heck would anyone do that?,' but apparently the 15 or so people standing around the pricey Porsche didn't feel compelled to tell the driver or the loaders. We've seen more careful packing of trucks crossing rivers on wood canoes in Bolivia. Hit the jump to watch on in horror.

[Source: YouTube]

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