Video: Custom car audio system shreds phone books with sound

Steve Meade Designs' phone book-shredding Chevrolet Tahoe – Click above to view videos after the jump

There's ridiculous bass, and then there's this madness. Steve Meade Designs is a custom car audio shop that specializes in the kind of audio systems that require 10 batteries and three alternators to run. This clip features Meade's own 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe, and its compliment of four 18-inch subwoofers, backed by a total of 13 amps and 26 smaller speakers, including 10 6.5-inch mids, and 10 one-inch tweeters.

The result of all that firepower directed at four 18-inch woofers is a phone book-shredding bass attack. We don't mean phone book-shredding in the figurative sense, either. As the videos after the jump clearly show (hint: fast-forward first video to 3:00), Steve Meade Designs has built a stereo system so powerful it can shred your average metropolitan phone book to bits in minutes. Just think about what it'll do to your ear drums.

[Source: YouTube]

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