AdSpotting: Porsches For Everyday People

Porsche's latest commercial – Click above to watch after the jump

Company: Porsche Cars North America

Brand: Porsche

Medium: TV

Ad Agency: Cramer/Krasselt, Chiacgo.

Product: 911, Cayman

Campaign: Engineered For Magic. Everyday.

What We Like: The soundtrack, and the depiction of people using their Porsche sports cars for everyday driving and living is a nice change of pace for the brand and the ad work. We especially like the scene of the 911 trudging through snow, which it does with great aplomb thanks to a superior all-wheel-drive system. Porsches are seen as indulgences for men mostly that are often kept in garages under tarps when the snow falls. I'm not sure I would ever load mulch into a Cayman, but we do like the idea of the kids getting picked up from school. The yellow paint job for that 911 was a lovely touch by the ad creatives.

What We Don't Like: Not too much, though there is a bit of the strategy showing. The economy is still about as zippy as a Smart Fortwo and there's much talk about the lines and definition of luxury changing to more value and sensibility, all of which makes this campaign seem a little defensive to us.

Strategy: Porsches is not as impractical as you think. They can be great in the snow. You can get enough mulch in one to fill one of those upside-down tomato growers that hangs on your condo patio. A 911 can carry two small kids in the backseat, provided they are not part of the national obesity problem. We think Porsches, especially the 911, are fabulous sets of wheels that anyone would be proud to own for maximum driving excitement and brand appeal. But practical? Not on your Nellie.

Grade: B+

Watch the commercial after the jump and give it your own grade below.

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