VW Beetle makes a bold bet on Skins [w/video]

Volkswagen's Black Beetle Commercial – Click above to watch video after the jump

Companies prefer spending ad dollars on TV shows that people are actually going to watch. Sometimes, it's simply a matter of buzz; if a lot of good or bad things are being said about a program, people are likely to tune in out of curiosity. Volkswagen is aware of this, and the automaker is betting that folks are going to tune into watch MTV's controversial new show Skins.

Declared too racy by some critics, Skins was a high-school drama that showed drug use and sex amongst teenagers. It was also apparently quite terrible, judging from the reviews found around the Internet.The show aired its season (and possibly series) finale this past Monday, and VW was on board with some advertising airtime.

The initial backlash against Skins was enough to send some top-tier advertisers running. Volkswagen was willing to gamble that enough hype had been generated and people would tune in to the season-ender. Able to grab more airtime than usual, the automaker double-dipped on its new Black Beatle commercial, which was first seen during Super Bowl XLV. Smart move for VW? Well, the Skins finale drew 1.2 million viewers, the most the show had since February 7, for whatever that's worth.

Click past the jump to watch Volkswagen's Black Beetle commercial, and you don't even have to sit through an episode of Skins beforehand.

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