French government doesn't want to "destabilize" Renault, eases pressure on Ghosn

The situation at Renault/Nissan has been a bit of a mess lately. Nissan's sales have been lackluster, with extra incentives needed to move metal. French investors have recently shot down CEO Carlos Ghosn's six-year plan for Renault.

Then there is the espionage case that rocked Renault. The case, which involved the alleged stealing of electric vehicle know-how, led to the firing of three Renault execs and an accusation by the French government aimed at China. After some investigating, though, it became clear that the espionage case was really a fraud case, and the only crime committed was a false accusation. Talk about your national embarrassment.

In light of all of Renault/Nissan's troubles, it's not surprising that some are interested in the head of Mr. Ghosn, but French Industry Minister Eric Besson says it's not happening. Automotive News reports that Besson told a French radio station that he hears the call for punishment, but "the industry minister's greater concern at this time is not to destabilize Renault any further." Besson then pointed out all the good things Ghosn has done during his time with the company, and added that the company faces challenges launching its electric vehicles.

It appears Ghosn is getting a pass for the company's recent troubles, but we're guessing that the leader's leash is a bit tighter than it was a couple years ago.

[Source: Automotive News – sub. req.]

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