Video: Walter Röhrl takes on the Porsche 904 GTS, wins

Walter Röhrl takes on the Porsche 904 GTS – Click above to watch video after the jump

Walter Röhrl is a magician behind the wheel of... anything, really. From Group-B WRC monsters to exotic Nürburgring beasts, Röhrl is probably capable of beating your local Autocross club's fastest using a riding mower.

Recently, the automaker brought the stunning 904 GTS out of its museum and on to the racetrack. Our man Damon Lavrinc was lucky enough to get time in the shotgun seat, but the track was like an ice rink and the two literally went for a spin. Thankfully, Porsche set aside time for Röhrl to push the car around on a dry track. The result is pure driving excellence and the clip is waiting for you after the jump.

[Source: YouTube]

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