Walter Röhrl spins a Porsche 904 – Click above to watch video

We're currently bombing around Mallorca, Spain on the launch of the Porsche Cayman R, and to make up for the massive monsoon that's coated the roads and nearly made a glorified go-kart track undrivable, our gracious hosts from Stuttgart brought out a legend. Actually, two of them.

None other than Walter Röhrl was flown in to show us "professionals" how a proper racing driver does it, and in between laps in the hotter, lightweight Cayman, the German racing legend took us for spin in something far more exotic.

According to Porsche, if there's a vintage, racing equivalent of the Cayman R, it's the historic Porsche 904, and this 911-powered 1965 example is one of only 20 ever made and came right from the personal garage of one of Ferdinand Porsche's progeny. This particularly immaculate 904 is probably worth over $1 million, but that didn't matter to Röhrl, who flung the featherweight (and seatbelt-less) coupe around the track with the kind of sideways fervor we'd expect from a World Rally Champion. Oh, and when we said "spin" we meant it. Follow the jump for the in-car footage, and excuse our incessant cackling – we're still trying to pry the grin off our face.

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