Hands on with Mog for Mini [video]

Here's your fun fact of the day: 80% of music listening happens inside the car. That, according to Mog CEO David Hyman, is why most music subscription services – from Rdio to Rhapsody – haven't gained much traction with consumers. However, that's set to change with the introduction of Mog for Mini.

The pint-sized automaker and the streaming music service got together at SXSW to unveil a beta of their new baby, an integrated version of Mog controlled directly through Mini Connected, the automaker's infotainment system.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to book a flight to Austin to get a live demo, but a video has landed on the interwebs showing the new system in action.

It's largely a plug-and-play affair: you simply launch the standard Mog app on your iPhone, plug it in using Apple's 30-pin connector and you've got access to your synced library, the ability to search for tracks and access to all the features of the standalone app. But naturally, there's a catch. Actually, two of them.

The Mog/Mini collab isn't available yet, although it should hit the market in the coming months. More importantly, there's the issue of data.

Research from Evolver.fm determined that your average smartphone data plan will only allow you to stream about an hour of music per day before your data stream is tapped – and that's assuming you don't use any other data-hungry apps. Mog's solution – much like Rdio's – is to give users the ability to sync their music collections over WiFi, negating the need to stream music and suck away your monthly data allowance. There's also talk of a specific plan for Mog users bundled with your monthly mobile bill, allowing you to stream to your heart's content without incurring any serious overages. But that's something to worry about later. In the meantime, check out Mog and Mini Connected in the video below.

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