Chevy Volt Pi Day Video – Click above to watch video after the jump

Math nerds and pie fans, today is your day, as you already know. For those wondering what this is all about, today is Pi Day (3/14, see?). Apparently, Chevrolet would like you to also think about the Chevy Volt today, and has made a video drawing connections between some numbers that can be applied to the Volt and the unending stream of digits that make up the world's most famous irrational number. You can see the video after the jump and get a taste below:
  • 3.14 gallons of gas will power a Chevy Volt up to 150 miles after batteries are depleted. If you install a 240V charger, your Volt battery will be 78.5% charged in just 3.14 hours
  • For $3.14, most Chevy Volt drivers can commute gas-free for 2 days. EPA-est. 35 miles per electric charge.
  • In its 30GB internal hard drive, the Chevy Volt can store 9,995 songs lasting 3.14 minutes each
  • The first production Chevy Volt came off the assembly line around 3.14 months ago (November 30, 2010)
We want to know how long it'll take us to drive to the Double R Diner. Got your own number?

[Source: GM]

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