Are 2007-2008 Jeep Wrangler SUVs spitting up gas?

Some Jeep Wrangler owners say they've been getting a nasty surprise from their 2007-2008 Wranglers. According to 600 complaints and 900 warranty claims, the Jeep off-roaders have been spitting gas at their owners during fill ups.

According to owners, the Jeeps have a tendency to spit fuel back out of their filler lines if you aren't paying close attention at the pump. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into the claims in November 2010, but closed it in February after finding that the fuel leaks don't pose any significant safety hazard.

NHTSA also said that internet forums had played a role in the number of complaints they received, after forum members posted messages telling other owners to file complaints with NHTSA. Despite the number of complaints, NHTSA says many of them were unfounded and based solely on the urging of message boards.

Jeep owners who experienced the problem aren't convinced, however, saying that the problem is dangerous, and carries a repair valued at about $600, though Chrysler warranties cover most of the repair.

[Source: CFNews13]

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