Report: London mayor Boris Johnson wants $200 fines for unnecessary idling

London Mayor Boris Johnson is looking to crack down on those drivers who idle aimlessly. The politician has proposed a plan to reduce emissions and noise pollution in his city by imposing hefty fines of up to £120 for anyone caught sitting around with their engine on. That's nearly $200, for those of you who count in U.S. dollars.

According to Isabel Dedring, Johnson's environment advisor, the idling engines are a major concern around schools, where mothers waiting to pick up their children leave their engines running for extended periods of time. Additionally, the move will likely impact truck and bus drivers who may leave their vehicles running for short stops or deliveries.

As a result, Transport for London is in the midst of working up new road signs and pavement markings to dovetail with an awareness campaign. Johnson has even proposed setting up an email address where locals can report repeat offenders.

No-idling zones are nothing new to the UK, as the London Evening Standard reports that Camden already has fully policed, enforceable zones of its own.

[Source: The London Evening Standard | Image: Corbis]

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