Chrysler fixes Grand Cherokee handling issue identified by Consumer Reports

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According to Consumer Reports, Chrysler has addressed a handling issue with the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee that the publication discovered during independent testing. During a double-lane-change emergency maneuver, CR testers noted a considerable amount of skidding and hopping at the very limit of traction. Chrysler engineers then went to the magazine's test track to review the findings before returning to Auburn Hills to come up with a solution. In December, the automaker released a software update for the vehicle's stability control, and all Grand Cherokee models manufactured since then have come from the factory with the fix.

Consumer Reports was recently able to put the updated 2011 Grand Cherokee through its paces at the track once again and found that the issue had been corrected. The big SUV managed to maintain an average speed of 50 mph through the course and behaved itself at and beyond the limits of the vehicle's traction. The fix has helped to improve the vehicle's Consumer Reports rating for the Grand Cherokee from a 66 to a 71.

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[Source: Consumer Reports]

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