Video: Bullitt chase scene being recreated in 1/32 scale

Bullitt stop-motion teaser - Click to watch video after the jump

Hold onto your hubcaps. One very devoted enthusiast in the UK has set about reenacting one of the most famous car chases in the history of internal combustion – the Ford Mustang versus Dodge Charger battle in Bullitt – with a bit of a twist. Instead of taking to the streets of San Francisco, artist Emigre has decided to film the whole thing in stop-motion on a 1/32 scale slot car track, complete with a handmade San Francisco background to match. There's an obscene attention to detail in everything from the sidewalks to the cars themselves and the audio from the chase lines up nicely with what's been created so far.

The finished product is set to debut later this year, but for now, Emigre has been so kind as to show off a quick teaser for the flick. There are burnouts, the rumble and bark of two meaty V8s and two very stern-looking bad guys just waiting to give Frank Bullitt a run for his money. Hit the jump to check out the clip for yourself.

[Source: Hemmings]

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