The three amigos of Top Gear have once again gotten themselves into hot water over a stunt they pulled during a recent holiday special. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were attempting to recreate the trek of the three wise men from Iraq through Turkey, Syria and Jordan before winding up in Bethlehem. The gimmick seems innocuous enough until you hear that during various portions of the drive, all three hosts donned a traditional piece of headwear typically worn by Muslim women – the niqāb. The plan was to use the burkhas to disguise the three hosts during their run through the deserts, though rather predictably, it seems that the trio have offended more than a few of the show's 6.6 million viewers.

According to The Daily Mail, watchers found issue with what many perceived to be hosts making a mockery of the world's second largest religion. So far, neither Top Gear nor any of the hosts have come out to speak about the dust-up one way or the other. To see the entire hour-and-fifteen minute special, check it out by clicking here.

[Sources: The Daily Express, The Daily Mail]

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