Report: Man in trouble with police after using OnStar to find his car

If an OnStar-equipped vehicle is stolen an OnStar representative can use GPS tracking to locate the car or truck in a timely fashion. The nifty function provides peace of mind for owners and it's an indispensable tool for law enforcement, as long as it's used correctly.

Police in Decatur, Alabama have accused Gene Patrick Finley of reporting his auto stolen so that OnStar could locate the vehicle for him. When the vehicle was located there were four people inside. The occupants were likely more than a little surprised to be told that they were driving a stolen vehicle, and police were no doubt ready to do some arresting. But Finley later told police that he'd loaned the vehicle to someone, which shifted law enforcement's attention away from the occupants and back at the vehicle owner.

So do police chock up this incident as a big, fat misunderstanding? Not when officers were dispatched to hunt down the vehicle, potentially putting themselves and innocent bystanders at risk. The police have charged Finley with filing a false police report. So if you're tempted to tell police that your OnStar-equipped vehicle is stolen because you forgot where you parked it, don't. It's probably not worth the misdemeanor.

[Source: Detroit News]

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