Watch This: BMW ConnectedDrive recognizes you, matches music to your mood

BMW's ConnectedDrive crew has its hands full. Not only is it rolling out new technologies on a near-weekly basis, it's developing a full-fledged concept for next month's Geneva Motor Show. On top of that, a couple of its team members are trying to make two of our infotainment dreams a reality: customizable mood-based music and the automotive equivalent of the Continuous Client.

As you can seen in the screen cap above, BMW engineers are working on a new Net-connected music client that allows you to choose between four mindsets – celebratory, peaceful, angry and (typically Germanic) hopeless – and then downloads appropriate music to suit your mood. Even more intriguing is the "Follow-Me" system that recognizes your personalized key fob when you enter the car, syncs with ConnectedDrive and picks up where you left off. If you were listening to a podcast or an audio book in your office, it would continue playing through the stereo, all while syncing your playlists and maybe reading the latest RSS feeds or Twitter updates on your way home. While several of these features are already available through a connected smartphone, the integrated solution is more streamlined and doesn't rely on finicky Bluetooth connections. Get a taste for it in the video below.

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